Why Herbalife Nutrition

We are a global nutrition company paving the way for a healthy, active life - making a mark globally since 40 years and in India for 21 years and counting. With our intrinsic values of top-quality and care, we offer a wide range of products that vary from weight management, target nutrition and sports nutrition.  

What sets us apart is that we grow through creating and building positive communities through our network of Herbalife Nutrition Independent Associates, who make this healthy journey personalized to suit your needs.  

Our Products

At Herbalife Nutrition, we have a varied range of products that complement your daily nutrition, help to maintain your overall health, and facilitate you to achieve your nutrition goals. 

Start your day with a range of flavoured and high-quality shakes (meal replacements) that blend the right amount of protein, carbohydrate and other essential micronutrients or refresh your body and mind with a cup of instant energy drink mix and much more. Our wide range of products help to maintain your digestive, cardiovascular and immune system health. Herbalife H24 range of products are developed by our experts in sports nutrition 

Building A Strong Community

All our products are exclusive and solely sold through Independent Herbalife Nutrition Associates. Herbalife Nutrition ensures utmost transparency through an ever-growing community. It gives you an opportunity to build your team and grow your business according to your time and lifestyle.

Goodness of Ayurvedic Nutrition

In 2020, Herbalife Nutrition India strengthens its nutritional principles by diving into the vast knowledge of Ayurveda. Through vritilife, it explores a new path towards a thoughtful life through making conscious and mindful nutritional choices. Inspired from Indian heritage, vritilife is a blend the goodness of Ayurveda and modern science to create products that help you lead a new way of life.


Dear Associates,

It has come to our attention that Fraudulent offers, lottery winning announcements and other misleading communications under the name and garb of Herbalife are being circulated wherein members of the public are being demanded to deposit monies and provide their personal information (“Fraudulent Acts”) which is in strict violation of the Herbalife’s Policies. It seems that such communications are being sent with the sole intention to defraud the public and bring disrepute to the Herbalife Nutrition’s goodwill.

Despite the above caution notice, if any infringement is found then the infringer shall be solely responsible for any and all consequences of its acts and Herbalife reserves the rights to pursue its legal remedies available to it against such illegal acts.

The public at large is hereby cautioned not to be misled by any such Fraudulent Acts. For any queries/clarifications, feel free to reach to us, at 080-40311444


Direct Selling Rules, 2021 mandatorily requires Direct Selling Entity to publicly share the list of Delisted Direct Seller on its website

Our Promise

We use the finest ingredients and the most sought-after suppliers in our products.

We invest in the latest expertise, technology and facilities.

Experiential scientists put product quality, safety and excellence above all.