Author: Kent L. Bradley
A photoshot of Nutrtional vehetables and fruits

Our immune system has one job: helping our bodies defend and recover from illness.

Unhealthy diets – high on calories from sugars, meats, and dairy products – are usually associated with health problems like obesity and metabolic diseases. But they can also cause a tremendous imbalance in our immune system, thus weakening it.

Author: Susan Bowerman
A bowl of healthy oats with strawberry slices as topping

Here are some effective principles to follow when you’re trying to change your bad eating habits

Habits can be hard to change, because, well, they are habits. Each year, many of us look at changing some of our bad habits and the best thing I can do to help my clients is to try to help them prioritize – and work on the easiest things first.

Author: Susan Bowerman
A photoshot of nutrtional food set-up with Nutrtional Shakes on the countertop

New food and nutrition trends—all on view at the annual Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting.