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Hydrate, Rebuild, Energize

Whether it’s the need of an intense workout, or the energy to kickstart your day - Herbalife Nutrition offers various products that can leave you feeling energized and alert.

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Refresh and Reenergize

The secret to having a productive day is to start your mornings pumped with energy. Afresh Energy drink, infused with orange pekoe extract, green tea extract and natural caffeine powder, can be enjoyed at any time of the day. To make it a personalized energetic drink for you, we offer a large variety of flavours that can be consumed hot or cold, for you to choose a favourite according to what you like best.

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Sports Nutrition

Just as training is important to meet all your fitness goals, the right nutrition is equally essential to reach your highest potential. From breakfast to post-work meals, we are your one-stop solution for all nutritional needs to ensure that you recover healthier and faster through all your intense workouts.