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With our hectic schedules, it’s very common for us to not meet our daily nutritional needs despite our best efforts.To be more mindful about decisions about our health, it’s important to meet essential nutritional demands through external sources. With Herbalife Nutrition Targeted Nutrition range, you can now stay on top of your health easily by giving your body the specific targeted nutritional support it needs.

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Vitamin and Minerals are the two key elements of our diet. They help in maintaining overall health and wellbeing by ensuring that the body is performing its chemical reactions in the right amounts. Since consuming Vitamins and Minerals may become tough only through food, these supplements ensure that the body gets what it needs to function efficiently.

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A healthy heart leads to a healthy life. While a well balanced lifestyle is the key to a healthy heart, we help you achieve that with a range of products with selective ingredients to help you maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels.

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The road to a well functioning and healthy digestive function starts from the right amounts of fibre in your diet. To help you achieve your daily intake, we have a range of products and fibre rich solutions.

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As we grow up, our nutritional needs change too. Herbalife Nutrition offers personalised solutions to promote healthy ageing. Good nutrition combined with a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to be fit and fabulous at any age.

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Children are the powerhouses of a family making it imperative to keep their bodies recharged all day. To meet their accurate and daily nutritional needs, we have created a product that blends essential nutrients with flavour to make sure your kid always stays healthy and on track.

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Glowing skin is always in and to make sure yours is too, we bring to you products with quality ingredients that are designed to nourish your skin from within and provide the nutrients to maintain healthy skin.

127K | Womens Choice

Women's Health

Hormonal changes can challenge a woman’s well-being. Woman’s Choice includes plant-derived ingredients, and these ingredients help women to find their natural balance and enjoy their life.

Male Factor +

Men’s Health

Sexual health is an important component of health and quality of life. Male Factor + is designed for men, it Contains Blend of standardized fenugreek extract, Pine bark (Pinus gerardiana) extract and L-Citrulline. Get closer to your sexual wellness goals with the Male Factor +.