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Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda as an ancient science of life has a long history, and its basic principles are valid even today. vritilife range of products are based on Ayurvedic principles and contains authentic ayurvedic herbs for the specific health benefits as mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts. While following the age-old principles the product is contemporized to meet modern day lifestyle.

The name “vritilife” has been coined by an amalgamation of the word “vriti” which means thought or choice in Sanskrit and the word “life” is derived from the brand name Herbalife Nutrition. 

This has a dual interpretation:

  • Thoughts of life leading to mindful living
  • Making better lifestyle choices for balanced, healthy living.

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The Uniqueness

vritilife is a perfect amalgamation of Ayurvedic principles and modern science. Carrying the goodness of Ayurveda these products are crafted by Ayurvedic experts. vritilife range of products contain well studied and scientifically researched key ingredients which are sourced with precision to maintain quality.

vritilife offers science in every aspect of product design.

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The Perfect Blend of Science

Science validated by Ayurveda

Ayurveda as an ancient science of life has a long history, and its basic principles are valid even today. Based on wisdom acquired through the centuries, the main aim of Ayurvedic science is to achieve perfect health by creating an equilibrium of harmony between human body and the environment.

Science in every aspect of product design

The science from ancient texts and traditional usage of Ayurvedic herbs are amalgamated with modern scientific studies to design products. The key ingredients which are backed with scientific studies are part of the vritilife product range making it scientifically rich.

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Natural Way to Build Immunity

vritilife Immune Health is for anyone who wants to strengthen their immune system naturally.

It contain Kalmegh** and Tulasi which helps to promote natural immunity and manage symptoms of common cold.


vritilife Triphala

Triphala supports digestive system and helps in relieving constipation

Triphala tablet is a combination of three indigenous fruits -Indian gooseberry (Amla), Chebulic myrobalan (Harad) and Bedda nut tree (Baheda). It is a uniquely processed, standardized, 5X concentrated Triphala extract blended with Triphala powder comprising full spectrum of actives. Triphala extract is standardized to 50% Tannin 5-6% Gallic acid.

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Ayurveda Crafted Brain Support

vritilife Brain Health is scientifically formulated with Brahmi** extract which help support healthy brain functions. Brahmi** in vritilife Brain Health provides benefits that help achieve cognitive resilience and enhance memory. Brahmi** in vritilife Brain Health is a fuel indicator for Brain performance like learning, memory, focus, accuracy and concentration.